Absorbent Ground

DescriptionGOLDEN Absorbent Ground, designed for stain and watercolour-type applications, is lightfast, permanent and flexible. It is not intended as a gesso alternative. It must be applied over a pre-primed surface due to its fragile, paper-like nature. Once properly sealed, it is a permanent acrylic film that does not need to be kept under glass. GOLDEN Varnishes (Polymer & MSA) will protect the artwork from environmental factors such as sunlight and dust.

Painting in an impasto style over GOLDEN Absorbent Ground is not recommended, unless the surface is properly sealed.

Available in White and Canvas Colour.

Golden Absorbent Ground (White) - 236 ml




Golden Absorbent Ground (White) - 473 ml




Golden Absorbent Ground (White) - 946 ml


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