Aquatint Boxes

The Aquatint boxes are made with varnished plywood by Polymetal and are available in 3 sizes. The action of the boxes are both based on the traditional hand driven paddle wheel which is driven by a handle on the outside.

It has a wooden grill that slides out so the plate can be placed on it easily. The SK-50 and SK-60's grills are in a fixed position whereas the SK-80 has a turning ratio of 2:1.

Available to order only. Please call on 01273 260260.

Aquatint Box - SK50


Maximun Capicty: 50 x 60cm
Outside Dimensions: 70cm wide - 57cm deep - 152cm high
Weight: 30kg (50kg shipped weight)


Aquatint Box - SK60


Maximun Capicty: 60 x 80cm
Outside Dimensions: 90cm wide - 67cm deep - 160cm high
Weight: 40kg (60kg shipped weight)


Aquatint Box - SK80


Maximun Capicty: 80 x 100cm
Outside Dimensions: 113cm wide - 90cm deep - 200cm high
Weight: 80kg (100kg shipped weight)


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