Japanese Baren

Japanese Baren

Ref: 0912

The traditional Japanese hand-printing tool - 100mm diameter.



Speedball Baren

Speedball Baren

Ref: 44139

Use this long wearing baren for "hand printing." Its Teflon-covered base is almost friction-free.

4½" (114 mm) diameter.



Kean Relief Baren
Kean Relief BarenKean Relief BarenKean Relief BarenKean Relief Baren

Kean Relief Baren

Ref: 0915

The Relief Baren allows you to hand print various types of relief printing and monotypes to any scale using either water or oil based inks.

13cm diameter.

It is portable, inexpensive and does not restrict the size of the print or the type of paper used.

Made from a disc of high-grade plastic, which suspends stainless steel balls, allowing them to form pressure points for printing. The design allows the balls to ratete freely when in use, which delivers multiple pressure points evently across the disc. It is bound in black leather with a strong leather handle.

The only maintenance required for this baren is an occasional rubbing on an oiled felt pad.

For lubrication apply a drop of non drying oil to a smooth surface and rotate the baren on the oily surface. Do not apply oil directly to the baren.

Tips for use:
- even pressure exterted through the hand
- don't hold on and drive the baren
- rotate it enough to eliminate baren marks
- start gently and increase the pressure gradually in order to create an even surface
- acetate can be placed at the back of the print to protect it



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