descBotanical Ultra Smooth is produced by St Cuthberts Mill in the UK and is a replacement for Fabriano 5 Hot Pressed (HP) as it is no longer being produced with a smooth surface.

This new paper is nearly as white as the Fabriano 5 and is 50% cotton.
It is formulated especially to meet the needs of artists requiring the ability to convery precise detail, yet still retains the properties of a responsive high quality cotton watercolour paper. The surface sizing and high white shade allows a high contrast of colours and shades to give the maximum colour gamut of many media including watercolour, coloured pencils and acrylics.

It is designed for botanical paintings (hence the name) and for anyone who wants a very white watercolour paper with a smooth surface

Mould-made, 50% cotton, surface sized, acid free, 2 deckle edges.

*70 x 50cm - 300gsm - Botanical Ultra Smooth


2.35 (24 or fewer items) 1.99 (25 to 49 items) 1.65 (50 or more items)


*70 x 100cm - 300gsm - Botanical Ultra Smooth


4.25 (24 or fewer items) 3.61 (25 to 49 items) 2.98 (50 or more items)


35 x 25cm Quarter Sheets Pack of 40 Sheets - 300gsm - Botanical Ultra Smooth




35 x 50cm Half Sheets Pack of 20 Sheets - 300gsm - Botanical Ultra Smooth




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