Fast Dry Alkyd Oil Colours

DescriptionThe first professional Fast Dry Alkyd Oil with no Compromise in pigment load and no strong alkyd smell - simply superior to any fast dry alkyd oil you've ever tried.

The thin film dries in 12 to 48 hours, depending on the pigment.

The collection of 60 colours has a thick cream-like consistency that is perfect for working with a paint knife or brush.

Colours are mixable with traditional linseed-based oil paints and can be thinned with paint thinner or turpentine to lower viscosity and increase transparency.

Save 10% when you buy 6 or more Da Vinci fast dry alkyd oils.

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Quinacridone Violet
Quinacridone Violet - DVP Alkyd Oil
(636794)40ml 14.50

Cobalt Violet
Cobalt Violet - DVP Alkyd Oil
(636294)40ml 24.50

Manganese Violet
Manganese Violet - DVP Alkyd Oil
(636564)40ml 14.50

Permanent Green Light
Permanent Green Light - DVP Alkyd Oil
(636684)40ml 10.95

Chromium Oxide Green
Chromium Oxide Green - DVP Alkyd Oil
(636244)40ml 14.50

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