Dilutant and Brush Cleaner

zest it pic
Zest-it can be used as either a brush cleaner or oil paint dilutant. It has a pleasant citrus smell and is non-irritating to eyes and skin. It is non-toxic and non-flammable with a neutral PH value.

For brush cleaning, Zest-it helps to maintain the oil content of the brush rather than removing it, which helps to keep the hairs supple. It also works well on brushes with dried oil paint.

Zest-it can also be used to thin oil paint whilst sometimes slightly increasing the drying time and can be mixed with linseed or stand oil for the 'fat overlean' principle. There is no detrimental effect to paint quality or stability.

125ml - Dilutant/Brush Cleaner - Zest-it




250ml - Dilutant/Brush Cleaner - Zest-it




500ml - Dilutant/Brush Cleaner - Zest-it




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