Faber Castell Pitt brush pen sets

Faber-Castell Brush Pens
The versatile brush point retains its shape, provides an excellent ink flow capacity and ensures an even application of colour, while sliding softly and smoothly over the paper. By varying the angle you can give a very personal touch to your script and lines - fine, medium and broad strokes are possible, but you may also shade areas and individual details.

The highly pigmented and lightfast drawing ink is ideal for producing drawings, scripts, fashion drawings, illustrations or using mixed media. The thin PITT artist pen is suitable for small formats, while the thick PITT artist pen generates stronger lines on larger formats
Basic - Pitt Artists' Brush Pens - Set of 6

Basic - Pitt Artists' Brush Pens - Set of 6

Ref: 785103

A standard assortment of primary and secondary colours for all those who wish to do some expressive colouring.

Cadmium Yellow, Dark Chrome Yellow, Phthalo Blue, Pink Carmine, Maganese Violet, Permanent Green Olive.



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