Gamblin mediums

Gamblin Mediums Set

Gamblin Mediums Set

Ref: GBM101005

This set is an ideal introduction and includes 60ml containers of Galkyd Lite, Gamsol, Neo Meglip, Refined Linseed Oil, Cold Wax and a 37 ml tube of Solvent-free Gel along with the Gamblin Guide To Oil Painting Mediums.

An odourless solvent for thinning Gamblin Mediums, general painting and cleaning up

Neo Megilp
A soft silky gel giving body to paint and decreasing viscosity. Suspends and supports paint in a soft gel lending itself to Turner-like effects without the disadvantage of turning yellow or dark.

Cold Wax Medium
A soft paste formulated to knife consistency. Makes oil colours thicker and more matte. Can be thinned to brush consistency by dissolving in a small amount of odourless white spirit.

Refined Linseed Oil
A light and pure linseed oil made from flax seed. Refined to make a paler oil thats yellows dramatically less. Slow drying and increases flow in oil paint.

Galkyd Lite
Formulated to thin oil colours and maintain strong flexible paint films. Increases working time (approximately three hours). Thin layers will be ready to paint over within 24 hours. Thins with odourless mineral spirits.

Solvent-free Gel
Increases flow and transparency, has a moderately fast drying time and increases gloss.



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