Keba Artmate Paper Stretchers

DescriptionRevolutionary Artists Stretcher. A practical tool for all artists, crafts people and designers.

Transform your technique!
- With a super tight and flat surface
- Unique control of ultra wet washes
- Let the paint flow where you want

Use any paper with control!
- Use KEBA Artmate with any paper and get a superb result
- Load and stretch paper on location with the simple turn of a key
- Create stunning effects on normally difficult papers such as cartridge

No drying time option!
- Start and continue to paint when you want
- Paint directly when inspired
- No cockling, buckling or lifting with the patented tension control

A new way to create!
- Very effective for stretching canvas for oil and acrylic
- Excellent for stretching tapestry and silk fabrics

Keba Artmate Paper Stretcher - 11 x 15" (28 x 38cm)




Keba Artmate Paper Stretcher - 15 x 22" (38 x 56cm)




Keba Artmate Paper Stretcher - 30 x 22" (76 x 56cm)




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