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Awagami talk

Awagami talk

Thursday 29th September | 10.30am-12.30pm/2.00pm-4.00pm

Find out everything you wanted to know about Japanese paper making! Craig Anczelowitz and Aya Fujimori from the Awagami Factory will be talking about Japanese handmade Washi Paper, papermaking fibres and Japanese Mokuhanga prints.

The two hour long presentation will include a video and FREE paper samples to take away!

Thursday 29th September at Lawrence Art Studio in Hove. Book your place here

"Awagami Factory" is a brand of Japanese washi papers produced solely in Tokushima, Japan. Awagami operates on 8 generations of family knowledge and skill focusing on quality and refinement within this world-heritage craft. Awagami papers are used by the worlds leading artists, photographers, designers, bookbinders and conservators and unlike other washi of unknown origin, guarantee their papers 100%.