Montana Acrylic Markers

The Montana Acrylic Marker is a high quality water-based paint marker. Colours match to corresponding colors in the Montana Gold spray paint series.

The highly pigmented paint is light-fast, high covering, water-proof and abrasion proof, allowing application to almost any surface. The optimum flow control pump-valve system allows accurate handling and application. The transparent marker bodies allow for easy assesment of remaining marker content.

The solvent free Acrylic Marker range is ACMI approved and carries the AP mark of non-toxicity. Can be used on almost any surface, best results when applied on even surfaces. Ideal for interior use - for exterior use, please use Montana Gold Varnish for sealing. Make sure to apply only on dry and clean surface.

* Colour matching: Due to a different paint base between Acrylic markers (water-based) and Montana Gold spray paint (solvent-based), for best colour matching results apply a coat of Montana Gold 400ml Gloss Varnish for one even finish. Slight differences may appear due to used substrate or ground. 100% colour match is not guaranteed. Always test before use!

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Montana Acrylic Marker
Montana Acrylic Marker - Set A -  Set of 12
(M230452)2.0mm 53.95

Shock Brown
Shock Brown - Montana Acrylic Marker
(M110761)0.7mm 4.50
(M130386)15.0mm 8.95

Shock Orange
Shock Orange - Montana Acrylic Marker
(M122853)2.0mm 5.25

Shock Blue
Shock Blue - Montana Acrylic Marker
(M130232)15.0mm 8.95

Shock Blue Deep
Shock Blue Deep - Montana Acrylic Marker
(M130331)15.0mm 8.95

Shock Green
Shock Green - Montana Acrylic Marker
(M130355)15.0mm 8.95

Shock Green Deep
Shock Green Deep - Montana Acrylic Marker
(M130362)15.0mm 8.95

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