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These smooth running Professional cutters are designed to withstand high volume applications and will cleanly cut virtually all flexible materials up to 3.0mm thickness. Fully guaranteed for 5 years.

Each Professional is screen printing with a very useful 10mm grid, 'A' size indicators and two additional metric/imperial scale bars. Each model features the unique chromed steel twin guide rails, silent glide action and all metal cutting head and end frames. Cuts up to 3mm thick.

Rotatrim Professional Cutter - M30 to 763cm


Cut length: 763mm


Rotatrim Professional Cutter - M36 to 914cm


Cut length: 914mm


Longridge Vertical Cutter


Same comfortable grip and innovative cutting technology as the bevel cutter. Blades not included.

- Hooks onto Guide Rail for cutting mountboard sheet to size - the tip of the blade falls into the groove in the Base so that the mountboard sheet is cut cleanly.
- Should only be used when Guide Rail is fitted to the Base - the channel in the Base accommodates the tip of the Vertical Cutter blade preventing damage to both the blade and work surface.
- Designed for right and left handed use.
- Includes blade guard/parking rest.



Pre-cut Mount - Ivory - 14 x 18"


External Size: 14 x 18" (356 x 457mm) - Aperture: approx. 9 x 13" (229 x 330mm)


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