Somerset white satin

DescriptionThese papers are made at St. Cuthbert's Mill. Originally intended as a printmaking paper, they have been 'discovered' to also be highly suitable for pastel drawing. Mould-made 100% cotton rag, acid free with four deckle edges.

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Prices are for a single sheet (unless otherwise stated).

Quantity discounts are available as follows:

25, or more, sheets: Save 15%
Millpack (quantity varies from paper to paper): Save 30%

* Somerset White Satin - 300gsm - 760 x 560mm - HP


3.99 (24 or fewer items) 3.39 (25 to 99 items) 2.79 (100 or more items)


* Somerset White Satin - 250gsm - 760 x 560mm - HP


3.35 (24 or fewer items) 2.85 (25 to 99 items) 2.34 (100 or more items)


* Items marked with an asterisk require special packaging and orders which contain these items will fall into the bulky postage rates. See "Delivery details" at the bottom of the page for more details. All items include VAT