Super Prof Press

Tofko 'Super Prof' Range
Tofko has designed the SuperProf etching press to fill a demand for an exceptionally heavy duty, professional machine with easy operation.

The SuperProf etching press is hand built from strong steel sections adequately reinforced. The sturdy frame comes equipped with wooden storage shelves, lock and adjustable legs. The printing pressure is applied through 2 spindles and the pressure is moderated through leather strips. A unique feature is the "quick-lift" handle enabling lifting of the upper roller without adjustment of the pressure screws ensuring easy etching blanket insertion and accurate repeatability of print.

The rollers (220 mm diameter) are precision made of thick-walled steel tubing mounted in self aligning, pre-lubricated, anti-friction bearings. The min. through height of 35 mm is by use of spacers liftable to 100 mm from the bed plate. The frame dial enables easy reading of the position of the upper roller. The 4 mm thick precision ground steel bed plate has safety stops. The enclosed gear reduction drive between the star wheel and the rollers ensures easy, uniform operation and perfect impressions. Gear ratio: 11.5 : 1.

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Super Prof Etching Press - 80 x 200 cm


Bed size: 80 x 200cm
Gear Ratio: 11.5 : 1
Height :1350 mm
Weight: 410 kg


Super Prof Etching Press - 100 x 200 cm


Bed size: 100 x 200cm
Gear Ratio: 11.5 : 1
Height :1350 mm
Weight: 465 kg


Super Prof Etching Press - 120 x 200 cm


Bed size: 120 x 200cm
Gear Ratio: 11.5 : 1
Height :1350 mm
Weight: 520 kg


Super Prof Etching Press - 140 x 200 cm


Bed size: 140 x 200cm
Gear Ratio: 11.5 : 1
Height :1350 mm
Weight: 575 kg


Options & Extras



Ref: 4290



Round Wheel

Round Wheel

Ref: 4275

Press supplied with a round wheel instead of the standard star wheel.



Lockable Castors

Lockable Castors

Ref: 4285

Set of four lockable castors for easy movement.



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