Judy Csiky

  • Testing Hahnemuhle Toned Papers

    Many artists have struggled to keep their creativity alive in the past year and I am no exception! What usually helps me through a creative block is trying something new. I will be testing Hahnemuhle's toned papers with all the art supplies I can find, tag along to see what I got up to!

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  • Printmaking 101: Press Blankets

    Welcome to our blog series where we cover the basics of printmaking. This time we are looking at blankets for different types of printmaking presses so this article will be especially helpful if you are just setting up your equipment or looking for replacements for those worn out felts.

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  • How to Repaint a Ukulele

    Need a new craft project? Re-painting a ukulele is fun, lots of people embark on it and the result is a unique instrument that not only looks great but is fully functional. Follow our guide and learn how to do it yourself!

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