Creating a Haunting Halloween



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With the darkness falling across the land and the midnight hour close at hand we must create creatures full of dread using your creative head! Halloween doesn't have to be expensive. Making and crafting your items for decoration or for a costume is always fun, satisfying and can cost you a lot less than pre-made items. To prepare us for this gruesome time of year, the team at Lawrence's have got busy crafting, painting and more. See our hideous creations and how to make them below: Del created this ghoulish tree by using wood clay. This clay is excellent for Halloween as it has a surface that looks like wood - perfect for all those spooky Autumnal trees that we see this time of year. It's easy to work with and hardens when air-dried (usually within 24 hours), meaning you are able to create your creature quickly and with no fuss. Just use your hands or simple clay tools. Del rolled out the clay flat just like pastry and cut out the facial features. He then rolled the clay around into a cone shape so that it was hollow and added the arms (branches) and roots (top and bottom) that he had made separately. View Del's work here Judy painted this haunting scene using watercolours. She used Old Holland Old Delft Blue and Dioxazine Mauve. "I used the glow of the blue and the purple in big blotches on the paper and when dry, I worked the dark colour into it by using negative painting technique, gradually building darkness and leaving out the light areas" Here is Judy's compilation of Halloween/Autumn watercolour paintings using lovely Autumnal colours; oranges, browns and reds. Georgia used Winsor & Newton Pro Markers to create this crow. The reds and blacks create a contrast of colours typically associated with Halloween. "The Pro-Markers are great blenders and have an excellent colour range which allows flexibility in your work. They are also really fluid and nice to use, it was my first time using them and they were easy to get used to." Georgia created her raven using the Japanese woodcut set to cut her design into a piece of lino. She rolled Lawrence GB ink onto the lino and printed from it onto Bamboo select Awagami paper. The advantage of relief printing is that the image can be replicated many times, in different colours. It's quick and easy to create lots in a short space of time with few materials. Georgia's 'Night Sky' created using a rotring rapidograph pen and uni pin fineliners - both available in our Hove shop. View more of Georgia's work here Amy created this Day of the Dead headpiece using a small black headband, white fake flowers (a variety of shapes) and Montana spray paint. Simply spray (at a distance and outside) the white flowers with your desired colours and then once dry, wind the stalks around the headband. This is a really quick and easy costume addition. Daisy creates puppets, and her Puppet show 'The Sorrowful Tale of Sleeping Sidney' couldn't be more appropriate for Halloween. “The Sorrowful Tale of Sleeping Sidney” is a macabre Victorian tale of intrigue, obsession, murder and confectionery. Inspired by real local history, this glove-puppet told tale is sugary but certainly not sweet - you’ll leave with a bitter taste in your mouth! It's on Wednesday 25th/Thursday 26th October at the DukeBox Theatre Brighton, as part of their “Horrorfest” programme (inside the Southern Belle pub on Waterloo Street) at 8pm, tickets here- or Friday 27th October in the foyer of the Theatre Royal, Brighton – there are 2 showings on this night – one at 7pm and one at 9pm buy tickets here- We hope that this helps inspire your own crafting this Halloween. We'd love to see what you have made/painted - share with us by emailing