Easter Egg Alternatives


Judy Csiky

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We at Lawrence's truly believe in using sustainable alternatives whenever we can, and with Easter approaching, we need to talk about eggs! While it is lovely to keep traditions going, it seems like an awful waste to use real egg shells for Easter decoration (unless you are baking a cake). To keep with the holiday spirit but also stay true to our environmentally conscious philosophy, we put together a few creative but sustainable craft ideas for Easter. 1. Paint Some Cardboard Eggs These cardboard eggs are perfect to decorate the same way as real eggs. Since they are made of paper mache you can use virtually any medium on them: paints, crayons, markers, they won't even break. Just don't dip them in dye like in the olden days, they will melt faster than chocolate eggs on the sun! Children will love this activity, especially when they realise there are not just eggs to paint on but bunnies and chickens, too! 2. Decopatch Eggs If you are looking for something more elaborate than painting, you can use these cardboard eggs and co. for what they are really made for: decopatch! If you are new to this craft, you will find plenty of online guides that teach you the basics. You only need a few accessories to start: a couple of sheets of decopatch paper of your choice and some glue. Luckily, you can find all this on our one-stop web shop! While this looks more adventurous than simple painting, children will love getting their hands crusty with PVA and the results will be quite unique, too! 3. Crocheted Eggs This is perhaps the most advanced one in our selection, but if you have ever tried crocheting and got the basics down, this simple amigurumi egg shape will not get the best of you! Endlessly variable with alternating colours or with a few stiches, these crocheted eggs can be hung for decoration, hidden around the home for an egg hunt and stored easily for years to come! Here is a handy pattern for the crocheted egg - keep in mind that switching the yarn for every row will make for a striped egg, while single coloured eggs can be made more intriguing with a few stitched patterns! Don't forget: all products mentioned in this blog post can be purchased in our Hove shop or mail ordered by calling us on 01273 260260 ext 1. Browse our website for our full range of decopatch accessories at www.lawrence.co.uk. Lawrence Art Supplies wishes everyone a Very Happy Easter Holiday!