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Judy Csiky

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If you are looking for a smoother alternative to lino or softcut printing blocks, you have come to the right place. We at Lawrence's are now stocking Japanese Vinyl in a variety of sizes for all your printmaking needs. Watch printmaker Hannah Forward try out this new material, sharing her art-in-progress and her observations on the Japanese Vinyl. Japanese Vinyl is a two sided synthetic rubber plate that is often used in Japan for relief printing due to its easy to carve, smooth surface. However, it is just as successful as an Intaglio printing block since it is dense enough to hold itself under pressure. It takes pencil marks and permanent markers well, and you can also transfer your images onto the vinyl with carbon paper. [caption id="attachment_550" align="aligncenter" width="584"] It only took Hannah a few minutes to come up with an idea and she swiftly drew her image onto the 10 x 15 cm vinyl block.[/caption] When shopping for a great carving surface relief printers have to consider a number of things including the flexibility of the material. Lino tends to be sensitive to cold and may crack if not handled with care. We can recommend this vinyl for anyone who is looking for a bendy, easy-to-cut and no-fuss surface; it takes scissors and knives very smoothly and this makes it ideal for those who prefer to size their blocks on the go. [caption id="attachment_552" align="alignright" width="242"] Hannah likes to buy big sheets of lino and cut it to the size she needs, when she needs it. She found the smooth material of the vinyl conveniently cuttable.[/caption] For those of you who like pre-cut blocks for relief or intaglio printing, we, at Lawrences sell them in four different sizes:  
  • 10x15cm - 3mm Japanese Vinyl (04510)
  • 15x20cm - 3mm Japanese Vinyl (04515)
  • 20x30cm - 3mm Japanese Vinyl (04520)
  • 30x40cm - 3mm Japanese Vinyl (04530)
You can buy all four sizes through our website.   What's special about the surface is that it is perfect for elaborate detail. Watch Hannah carve with ease and pay attention to the fine line work she is able to achieve with the aid of the Vinyl's dark core. [embed][/embed] After carving is finished, you can go ahead and roll on your water or oil based inks as you normally do. Look at Hannah's work in process and marvel at the fine details and crisp colours she achieved with the Japanese Vinyl. [caption id="attachment_553" align="alignleft" width="584"] Hannah was concerned that the smooth and shiny surface of the vinyl will make the ink behave differently than when she prints with lino - she was positively surprised by the great results.[/caption] When asked about the overall experience working with the Japanese Vinyl, Hannah said:
"I normally use linoleum for printing but I was very excited to try the Japanese Vinyl. It has a lot smoother surface and I found it just as easy to carve as lino, minus the annoying mesh on the back that can accidentally get into the print. I would definitely recommend that relief printmakers give it a whirl!"
[caption id="attachment_554" align="alignleft" width="584"] Hannah's fresh prints drying on a rack[/caption] Hannah Forward is a Hove-based printmaker specialising in colourful, multilayered linocut prints. She is also one of our staff members at Lawrence's. Check out her website for a browse through her imaginative and socially informed artwork or visit her online shop to acquire one of her beautiful prints. You can order Japanese Vinyl directly through our website or over the phone (01273 260260 ext.1), or visit our Hove Shop on Portland Road.