How to use our Website

We decided to start 2018 with a brand new website that will have everything our customers love about Lawrence Art Supplies and loads of new features, too - from shopping on smart devices to wishlists and easy check-out!

 1. New Filtering Options You can now filter your search results by popular categories such as size, colour and brand. Here, I searched for 'pastel', then selected the brand 'Art Spectrum' which gave me all the results for individual pastels, sets and paper. Another good use for this tool is to filter your colours by series. Lower series numbers indicate cheaper to produce pigments which is great for artists shopping on a budget. Below, I selected series 6 which separated all the Cadmium colours - this can be very useful when looking for a specific colour in a sea of yellows! Now you can also choose to view colours in a grid or in a list. Lists will be a lifesaver when browsing on a smart device! Simply click/tap the button in the top right corner to change view.

2. More Products Online You can now see our even larger (and growing) catalogue! Craft enthusiasts will be glad to find new product lines such as glass paint, knitting yarn and design felt among other amazing things. We are working on catering for even more hobbies, so keep your eyes peeled for more to come!

 3. Browse and Check-out on Smart Devices Finally, what we've all been waiting for: browsing with the convenience of smart devices! You can now use your phone or tablet to place your order with our fully compatible website and top up your studio on the go!

 4. Quickbuy Feature and Basket Preview Know what you want already? Simply hover over the icon of your selected product and click on 'quickbuy'. You will be able to see all available options in a pop-up window and put the item into your basket without having to leave the page - great when choosing between similar products! You can find your basket on the top right corner of the page. Hover over it to see what you've selected so far, keep shopping and click checkout when you are finished!

5. Wishlists Perhaps our favourite new feature: wishlists! Once you have set up an account on our new site you will be able to use this feature. Click the little 'Lawrence-green' heart to add the item to a wishlist. The popup will allow you to name the list such as 'Judy's Birthday wishlist'. The best thing about wishlists is that you can keep multiple lists, which will come handy when sorting items for different projects, shopping for friends or just saving your list for a later date. Manage your lists by clicking 'Wish Lists' under the search bar.You can add items from your wishlist into your basket or you can create a full order from your wishlist (bottom left corner). You can also email your wishlist to your friends and family so they will always know what to surprise you with!

6. Live Product Availability Our new website now lets you know how many of each item we have in stock so you can shop with greater confidence and decide if you would like to keep selected items on backorder. You will see availability displayed under the 'Add To Basket' button.

 7. Easy Check-out and Account Registration You can now login as a returning customer or shop a guest, easily set up a new account and subscribe to our newsletter. Our simplified checkout means you can now select your address and delivery options all on one screen as well as apply discount and voucher codes before you proceed to payment. 8. Redeem your Vouchers Online While previously our vouchers were valid in our shop and needed converting for website use, we eliminated this step and you can now use them straight on the web. Currently you can use one voucher at a time, so please let us know if you'd like to combine your vouchers into one amount.