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Cyanotype Fabric Sheets Pack of 30 - Jacquard

Cyanotype Fabric Sheets Pack of 30 - Jacquard


Cyanotype is an antique photographic printing process, developed in the mid 1800’s and distinctive for its rich blue colour. Jacquard’s high-quality cotton sateen fabric sheets come pre-sensitized for cyanotype and ready to use, making sun printing easier than ever before. 

Just pull a sheet out of the package, place objects or film on top, expose to light, rinse and dry and you’ll have a rich, detailed print.

Sheets size 8.5 x 11 inches

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How to use:

  1. Make exposures in sunlight for 1-30 minutes or under a UV light. Place objects or a film negative fabric to create an image. The fabric will be bronze in colour once fully exposed.
  2. Wash in a tray or bucekt for at least 5 minutes, changing the water periodically, until the water runs clear and the print turns from bronze to blue in colour. Do not use soap! Alternatively you can instantly process your prints to the final deep blue color by submerging washed prints in a dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide, then rinse.
  3. Air-dry the prints on a clean clothesline, on newsprint or blotting paper. If peroxide was not used in step 2, prints will slowly oxidize to their final, deep blue color over the course of about 24 hours.

Handy tips:

If your tap water is hard use distilled water.

Do not get the fabric wet before or during exposure.

The fabric may darken over time. If it appears darker, it is not necessarily expired it may just require a longer rinse in hotter water.

Cyanotype prints are archival. However, to avoid any yellowing printed fabrics should always be laundered in cold water using non-phosphate detergents. Use care while handling cyanotype prints, as sweat and hand oils may also cause discoloration.


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