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Akua Waterbased Ink User Guide

Basic Paper Information - Sizes, weights, surfaces & quantities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Golden Acrylics Mediums & Gels - Golden Artist Colours leaflet describing their mediums & gels and their uses.

Khadi Papers - Khadi's information sheet describing the making of traditional Indian papers

Lawrence Linseed Oil Printing Inks - Listing the pigment content of our linseed oil based relief inks

Lazertran - Instructions for using this water-slide paper that allows the transfer of full colour images onto almost any surface.

Lino Cutting Instructions - A copy of the instruction sheet supplied with our Lino Starter Kit.

Markal Artist Paintsik - Description of this oil medium with greater freedom and depth of expression. Contains hints and tips on painting and stencilling with these versatile products.

Preparing A Canvas - Step-by-step details for assembling a canvas stretcher and the priming process.

Speedball Screen Printing Instructions - The instruction booklet from the Speedball Art Products Company.

Speedball Screen Printing on Fabric - The Drawing Fluid method. 

Speedball Stamp - An information booklet containing ideas and tips. 

True Grain - Textured polyester drafting film to produce images onto silkscreens.