Akua Needle Applicator Set

The needle set is used for creating fine lines in monotypes and monoprints when using Akua Liquid Pigment. It contains 5 bellows bottles and 5 nibs with varying nib thicknesses. The bellows fits in the palm of the hand and with a gentle push Akua Liquid Pigment flows from the bellows through the needle tips. Needle applicators are ideal for drawing lines onto monotype plates. The small bellows bottle fits comfortably into the palm of your hand. Stainless steel flow-through needles will not clog and withstand repeated use. The lines produced by the tips are similar to those from technical pens. Angled Tips, are rigid and angled at 45 degree angle for ease of drawing precise lines. The Plastic Flexible Tip creates the finest lines while the Plastic Tapered Cone Tip makes bold, wide lines. The Plastic Tapered Cone Tip is very tough and so it is fine for kids to use. USE AKUA LIQUID PIGMENT IN NEEDLE APPLICATORS. Akua Intaglio is too thick. Variety Needle Applicator Set Includes: 5 bellows-bottles, 5 stems, 5 caps, 3 steel angled tips, 1 plastic straight tip and 1 plastic tapered tip. (Ink sold separately)
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Akua Needle Applicator Set