Barcham Green Paper

We have a small selection of Barcham Green papers, handmade at Hayle Mill in Kent. The mill made papers from the early 1800s but ceased production in 1987 meaning that our supplies will not be replaced once we have sold out. We can provide samples of any paper of interest.
Paper Delivery
Paper delivery is £9.99 whether you order 1 sheet or 100. This enables us to pack your paper properly and to ensure it arrives in absolutely pristine condition.
Standard delivery charge is £4.99 if you are in the UK mainland.
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*Bodleian Light Toned 60gsm (Not) 52 x 72cm - Barcham Green Paper
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*Boughton IMP WM White Wove 250gsm (Not) 58 x 79cm - Barcham Green Paper
*Langley Royal Off-White 120gsm (Not) 50 x 64cm - Barcham Green Paper
*Winston Wealden 240gsm 65 x 92cm - Barcham Green Paper
*Penshurst IMP Light Toned NOT- 250gsm - 58 x 79cm - Barcham Green Paper