Highland Palette - New Wave

The Highland New Wave Artist Palette® is the first ergonomic landscape palette, offering soft curves and complete comfort. This palette, made from the finest hard white maple wood, will fit in most pochade boxes, allowing for ease of transportation and convenience while indoors or outdoors.

Handcrafted alongside the Amish in Pennsylvania, New Wave Artist Palettes provide a patent pending 3 point design that evenly distributes the palette weight between the hand, arm and hip, allowing you to paint effortlessly. The palette is extremely lightweight, and comes prefinished with a durable satin finish that is resistant to water, and standard artist solvents and mediums, crack proof, chip proof and freezer safe. Models available for both right handed and left handed artists. Made in the USA.

255 grams

Right hand = held in the right hand Left hand= held in the left hand

The Avant-Garde Highland palette provides a true ergonomic fit and soft curves, while the neutral grey finish allows for enhanced value and colour gauging. The palette includes a custom silicone thumb ring for absolute comfort when held, and is sized to fit fit in most landscape boxes, allowing for ease of transportation and convenience while outdoors. When confronted by nature, unveil the Avant-Garde Highland palette and begin painting.

•Patent Pending 3 point design for maximum balance and comfort •Universal fit for all body types •Handcrafted in Pennsylvania, USA •Traditional Stained/Finished: Made with hard white maple •Avant-Garde Grey Toned/Finished: Made with warp resistant tempered hardboard •Extremely Lightweight •Durable satin finish resistant to water, standard artist solvents & mediums, and easily cleaned •Crack and chip resistant
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