Lyson PrintGuard Aerosol 400ml

Professional Quality Ink Jet Lacquer with UV inhibitors Print Guard spray or liquid varnish renders the print more water resistant and can also increase light resistance. The coatings, which are toxologically safe, can be sprayed or brushed directly on to the image and then allowed to air dry. Designed to provide a protective coating to images produced using water based ink jet inks, drawing inks and water colours, Print Guard is a clear lacquer and when applied to water soluble images greatly increases UV resistance to fading, reduces the possibility of damage to the image, and provides a splash proof water resistance coat. Not only does it protect the image from the environment it also reduces the possibility of colour shift observed in the fading process. Print Guard is suitable for all types of printing media. A 400ml aerosol will provide 2-3 protective coats on up to 64 letter size prints.
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Lyson PrintGuard Aerosol 400ml