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Graham & Co started making honey based watercolours in Oregon, USA in 1992, reviving a centuries old tradition. They are dedicated to making the best watercolours in the world.
Honey has been used extensively throughout the history of art as an ingredient in water based colours of all types. Graham & Co watercolours use honey as an essential ingredient in the binding medium.
Honey was used in the 19th century by French colourmen and was then copied by English manufacturers. Manufacturers soon substitued the honey with industrial sugars, probably for economic reasons.
Honey loves moisture, so it absorbs water from the atmosphere. Its relative fluidity reduces the amount of water and glycerine needed. This means that more pigment can be used to create concentrated, brilliant colours enabling the artist to make smooth, even coloured, free flowing washes.
Watercolours made with honey do not crystallize and will not harden in the tube even after months or years of disuse.
These watercolours will remoisten easily if left on the palette.
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