Mona Lisa Ultimate Brush Cleaning Set

Mona Lisa™ has developed the ultimate brush cleaning system Power Wash designed to remove dried paint from brushes. Oil, acrylic, even glue is easily removed from the bristles. If paint is into the ferrule, simply soak it overnight and the dried paint is released. Pink Soap™ is the standard for safe non-toxic brush cleaners. Use Pink Soap to clean brushes and put a conditioneer back into the bristles before storing it. Brush Shaper is a bristle resortation solution that puts a sizing into your brush and helps to keep its shape for future use.

Pink Soap Brush Cleaner, Preserver, Conditioner Pink Soap is the ideal brush cleaner. Cleans oils, acrylics and watercolor paints. Contains a conditioner - leaves no greasy after feel. Contains NO chlorides, alkalis, phosphates, solvents, alcohol. New improved formula has a pleasant aroma.

Power Wash Synthetic Brush Cleaner Removes dried paint and varnish from synthetic artist brushes. Power Wash™ is the most powerful non-toxic waterbased synthetic brush cleaner on the market with no harmful chemicals or odors. NOTE: Power Wash is designed for synthetic brushes. DO not use with natural hair brushes.

Brush Shaper Brush Restoration Returns brush bristles to their original shape and quality. To Use: Clean brush, dip bristles into Brush Shaper™, shape brush, let dry and store. When ready to use again - rinse brush bristles with water or brush bristles free of Brush Shaper with palm of hand.

The Mona Lisa Ultimate Brush Cleaning Kit includes 1oz each of Power Wash, Pink Soap and Brush Shaper.
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Mona Lisa Ultimate Brush Cleaning Set