Nitram Charcoal

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Much to the delight of serious artists everywhere, the renowned Nitram Fine Art Charcoal is returning to market. Now presented online at, this product's renaissance comes strictly adhering to the methods and traditions of Nitram's time-tested processes. Brought back by artist and entrepreneur Jerzy Niedojadlo in January of 2011, the charcoal's return has been celebrated by professional artists the world over.

Niedojadlo's interest in art began at an early age. With Robert Bateman as his high school art teacher, Niedojadlo's passion and vision took full flight. As years passed, however, "business got in the way" and his aesthetic endeavours took a back seat. In recent years, the flame arose again and Niedojadlo took it upon himself to take traditional art classes at Academy of Art Canada, in Toronto. There, he learned of Nitram (Fusains) Fine Art Charcoal and its legacy as one of the best charcoal products in the world.

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