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Get messy with this acrylic pouring medium and unleash your creativity! Acrylic pouring has been a growing trend and all you need is this medium to transform any acrylic paint into flowing magic!

Pebeo Pouring Medium is a smooth, glossy, transparent and non-yellowing medium that creates clean, lacquered colours. Suitable for the following techniques:

- Acrylic Pouring: mix 1 part medium, 1 part acrylic paint and 1 part water. Mix the paint and the water first to dilute the paint, then add the medium. Leave the mixture to rest for an hour, then pour. Use with Pebeo Silicone Oil for the added effect of cell formation.

- Add to acrylic paint to increase gloss and flow.

- Apply with a brush to varnish finished work, will dry to a clear, glossy finish.

Touch-dry in 30 mins to 1 hour and completely dry in 1-8 days depending on thickness.
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