Schmincke Soft Pastel

Schmincke Soft Pastel


Schmincke soft pastels contain finest artists' pigments in highest concentration using a minimum of binders. They are approximately 12mm diameter and 67mm long. The extreme softness and colour strength demand a very traditional forming process. Pastel work will always remain sensitive and should be treated with a fixative. "D" is the natural colour with "B" having a black graduation and "H", "M" & "O" having the gradual shades of white.

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Colour Chart

Select a Colour
Titanium Yellow 007B
Titanium Yellow 007D
Titanium Yellow 007H
Permanent Yellow 002D
Permanent Yellow 002H
Vanadium Yellow Light 008D
Vanadium Yellow Light 008H
Vanadium Yellow Light 008M
Vanadium Yellow Light 008O
Vanadium Yellow Deep 009B
Vanadium Yellow Deep 009D
Vanadium Yellow Deep 009H
Vanadium Yellow Deep 009M
Vanadium Yellow Deep 009O
Permanent Yellow Light 003B
Permanent Yellow Light 003H
Permanent Yellow Light 003M
Permanent Yellow Deep 004B
Permanent Yellow Deep 004H
Permanent Yellow Deep 004M
Permanent Yellow Deep 004O
Orange Light 010B
Orange Light 010H
Orange Light 010M
Orange Light 010O
Orange Deep 005H
Orange Deep 005M
Permanent Red 1 042H
Vermilion 040B
Permanent Red 3 Deep 044H
Permanent Red 3 Deep 044M
Scarlet 041M
Scarlet 041O
Carmine Red 046H
Carmine Red 046M
Carmine Red 046O
Madder Lake 045H
Madder Lake 045M
Madder Lake 045O
Bordeaux 043B
Bordeaux 043H
Bordeaux 043M
Bordeaux 043O
Rose Madder 047H
Rose Madder 047M
Rose Madder 047O
Quinacridone Violet 048D
Quinacridone Violet 048H
Quinacridone Violet 048M
Purple 1 049B
Purple 1 049H
Purple 1 049M
Purple 1 049O
Purple 2 050B
Purple 2 050H
Purple 2 050M
Red Violet 054D
Reddish Violet Deep 055D
Reddish Violet 056B
Reddish Violet 056H
Reddish Violet 056M
Manganese Violet 052D
Manganese Violet 052H
Manganese Violet 052M
Manganese Violet 052O
Deep Violet 059B
Deep Violet 059D
Deep Violet 059M
Deep Violet 059O
Bluish Violet 057D
Delft Blue 600M
Delft Blue 600O
Ultramarine Deep 063H
Ultramarine Deep 063M
Ultramarine Blue Deep 060D
Ultramarine Light 062B
Ultramarine Light 062H
Ultramarine Light 062O
Prussian Blue 066H
Prussian Blue 066O
Phthalo Blue Deep 061H
Phthalo Blue Deep 061M
Indigo Tone 067D
Bluish Green Deep 069B
Bluish Green Deep 069D
Bluish Green Deep 069H
Bluish Green Deep 069M
Bluish Green Deep 069O
Cerulean 690B
Cerulean 690D
Cerulean 690H
Greenish Blue 065B
Greenish Blue 065H
Cobalt Turquoise 650B
Bluish Green 068B
Bluish Green 068D
Bluish Green 068H
Light Green 071B
Light Green 071H
Light Green 071M
May Green 077H
Leaf Green 1 072B
Leaf Green 1 072D
Leaf Green 1 072H
Leaf Green 1 072M
Leaf Green 1 072O
Mossy Green 1 075B
Mossy Green 1 075D
Mossy Green 1 075H
Mossy Green 1 075M
Mossy Green 2 075B
Mossy Green 2 075D
Mossy Green 2 075H
Mossy Green 2 075M
Mossy Green 2 075O
Leaf Green 2 073H
Leaf Green 2 073M
Leaf Green 2 073O
Cold Green 1 080B
Cold Green 1 080D
Cold Green 1 080H
Cold Green 1 080M
Cold Green 1 080O
Cold Green Deep 081B
Cold Green Deep 081D
Cold Green Deep 081M
Cold Green Deep 081O
Phthalo Green Deep 074B
Phthalo Green Deep 074D
Phthalo Green Deep 074H
Phthalo Green Deep 074M
Phthalo Green Deep 074O
Leaf Green Deep 070D
Leaf Green Deep 070H
Leaf Green Deep 070M
Leaf Green Deep 070O
Verona Green 082B
Verona Green 082D
Verona Green 082H
Verona Green 082M
Verona Green 082O
Chromium Oxide Green 084B
Chromium Oxide Green 084D
Chromium Oxide Green 084H
Chromium Oxide Green 084M
Chromium Oxide Green 084O
Olive Green 1 085B
Olive Green 1 085D
Olive Green 1 085H
Olive Green 1 085M
Olive Green 1 085O
Bohemian Green 083B
Bohemian Green 083D
Bohemian Green 083H
Bohemian Green 083M
Bohemian Green 083O
Olive Green 2 086B
Olive Green 2 086H
Olive Green 2 086M
Olive Green 2 086O
Olive Green Deep 087B
Ochre Light 013B
Ochre Light 013D
Ochre Light 013H
Gold Ochre 014B
Gold Ochre 014D
Gold Ochre 014H
Olive Ochre Light 028B
Olive Ochre Light 028D
Olive Ochre Light 028H
Olive Ochre Light 028M
Olive Ochre Deep 029B
Olive Ochre Deep 029D
Olive Ochre Deep 029H
Olive Ochre Deep 029M
Flesh Ochre 016B
Flesh Ochre 016D
Flesh Ochre 016H
Orange Ochre 017B
Orange Ochre 017D
Orange Ochre 017H
Orange Ochre 017M
Orange Ochre 017O
Pozzuoli Earth 021B
Burnt Yellow Ochre 019B
Burnt Yellow Ochre 019D
Burnt Yellow Ochre 019H
Burnt Yellow Ochre 019M
Burnt Sienna 018D
Burnt Sienna 018H
Burnt Sienna 018M
English Red 022B
English Red 022D
English Red 022H
Caput Mortuum 023D
Caput Mortuum 023H
Caput Mortuum Deep 024B
Brown Ochre 032B
Brown Ochre 032D
Brown Ochre 032H
Burnt Green Earth 033B
Burnt Green Earth 033H
Burnt Green Earth 033O
Burnt Umber 035B
Burnt Umber 035D
Sepia Brown 037B
Sepia Brown 037D
Sepia Brown 037H
Vandyke Brown 036B
Vandyke Brown 036H
Vandyke Brown 036M
Vandyke Brown 036O
Walnut Brown 038B
Walnut Brown 038D
Walnut Brown 038H
Walnut Brown 038M
Walnut Brown 038O
Greenish Umber 030H
Greenish Umber 030M
Greenish Umber 030O
Greenish Grey 1 093B
Greenish Grey 1 093D
Greenish Grey 1 093H
Greenish Grey 1 093M
Greenish Grey 1 093O
Greenish Grey 2 094D
Greenish Grey 2 094H
Greenish Grey 2 094O
Cold Grey 095M
Reddish Grey 092D
Grey Violet 090D
Grey Violet 090H
Yellow Pearl 920H
Blue Pearl 940H
Green Pearl 950H
Neutral Grey 098H
Neutral Grey 098G
Neutral Grey 098K
Neutral Grey 098L
Neutral Grey 098J