Conté Carré Colour Crayons 2340

Conté Carré Colour Crayons 2340


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Developed in France at the end of the 18th century by Nicolas-Jacques Conte, these popular, lightfast, square shaped pastels are harder and waxier than traditional soft pastels. They are easy to blend and versatile: using the edges for detail or on the side for shading. 

Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, their rich opacity makes them particularly effective on darker coloured paper. This is the Conte Colour Crayon range, for the Sketching Crayons, click here.

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Colour Chart

Select a Colour
Light Yellow 024
Medium Yellow 004
Deep Yellow 062
Naples Yellow 047
Golden Yellow 014
Indian Yellow 037
Orange 012
Scarlet 028
Red Lead 040
Vermilion 003
Chinese Red Vermillion 064
Bright Red 065
Purple 019
Flesh 048
Light Orange 049
Madder Lake 038
Pink 011
Cyclamen 041
Crimson Lake 066
Persian Violet 055
Lilac 026
Deep Violet 067
Violet 005
Blue Violet 068
Prussian Blue 022
Dark Ultramarine 046
Cobalt Blue 069
Ultramarine 010
Space Blue 070
King Blue 006
Light Blue 029
Marine Blue 071
Cold Green 073
Sky Blue 056
Green Blue 021
Prussian Green 043
Emerald Green 034
Mineral Green 030
Dark Green 002
Light Green 008
St Michael Green 044
Lime Green 050
Armor Green 077
Chrome Oxide Green 075
Olive Green 016
Green Grey 051
Leaf Green 076
Moss Green 074
Dark Green Grey 078
Gold Ochre 063
Yellow Ochre 017
Natural Sienna 018
Red Brown 007
Bistre 001
Vandyke Brown 080
Bordeaux 031
Burnt Sienna 023
Tile 079
Burnt Umber 082
Natural Umber 054
Umber 032
Brown Grey 081
Blue Grey 072
Light Grey 020
Sepia Grey 042
Black 009
White 013

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