Old Holland Oil

Old Holland Oil


Save over 20% on Old Holland oil paints

Old Holland oils are described as 'probably the finest oil colours in the world'. 

The range of 166 colours is ideal for the professional artist. Old Holland oils have one of the most varied palettes in a range of oil paints, making mixing almost unecessary. 

They are stone ground in the purest virgin cold-pressed sunbleached linseed oil and mixed to twice the usual concentration of pigment without the use of fillers or extenders resulting in a heavy, intense, pure paint with the best covering power. 

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Colour Chart

Select a Colour
Titanium White
Zinc White
Mixed White No 2
Yellow Light
Yellow Deep
Yellow Medium
Brilliant Yellow Light
Brilliant Yellow
Brilliant Yellow Reddish
Naples Yellow Reddish Extra
Indian Yellow Green Lake Extra
Cobalt Aureolin Yellow Lake
Nickel Titan Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Lemon
Scheveningen Yellow Lemon
Cadmium Yellow Light
Scheveningen Yellow Light
Scheveningen Yellow Medium
Cadmium Yellow Medium
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Gamboge Lake Extra
Indian Yellow Orange Lake Extra
Yellow Brown Lake Extra
Red Gold Lake
Golden Barok Red
Cadmium Yellow Extra Deep
Scheveningen Orange
Cadmium Orange
Coral Orange
Cadmium Red Scarlet
Scheveningen Red Scarlet
Vermilion Extra
Bright Red
Cadmium Red Light
Cadmium Red Medium
Scarlet Lake Extra
Cadmium Red Deep
Cadmium Red Purple
Carmine Lake Extra
Alizarin Crimson Lake Extra
Madder Crimson Lake Deep
Scheveningen Red Deep
Madder Geranium Lake Light Extra
Scheveningen Red Light
Scheveningen Red Medium
Rose Dore Madder Lake A
Brilliant Pink
Ruby Lake
Scheveningen Rose Deep
Ultramarine Red Pink
Manganese Violet Red
Cobalt Violet Light
Bright Violet
Manganese Violet Blueness
Cobalt Violet Dark
Ultramarine Violet
Dioxazine Mauve
Blue Violet
Violet Grey
Manganese Blue Deep Extra
Cerulean Blue
Cerulean Blue Deep
Cobalt Blue Turquoise
Caribbean Blue
Scheveningen Blue
Indigo Extra
Blue Lake
Scheveningen Blue Deep
Parisian Prussian Blue Extra
Old Delft Blue
Blue Deep
Paynes Grey
Neutral Tint
Manganese Blue Extra
Ultramarine Blue Deep
Ultramarine Blue
French Ultramarine Blue
Cyan Blue
Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Blue Deep
Kings Blue Deep
Kings Blue Light
Scheveningen Blue Light
Blue Grey
Cobalt Blue Turquoise Light
Turquoise Blue Deep
Cobalt Green Deep
Viridian Green Deep
Viridian Green Light
Scheveningen Green
Emerald Green
Permanent Green Light
Bright Green
Cadmium Green Deep
Cadmium Green Light
Cinnebar Green Light Extra
Yellow Green
Green Light
Sap Green Lake Extra
Golden Green
Golden Green Deep
Chromium Oxide Green
Hookers Green Lake Deep Extra
Hookers Green Lake Light Extra
Olive Green Dark
Green Earth
Green Umber
Naples Yellow Extra
Naples Yellow Deep
Mars Yellow
Yellow Ochre Light
Yellow Ochre Deep
Gold Ochre
Italian Earth
Sienna Light
Sienna Deep
Yellow Brown
Transparent Oxide Yellow Lake
Italian Brown Pink Lake
Transparent Oxide Red Lake
Mars Orange Red
Yellow Ochre Half Burnt
Light Red
Burnt Sienna
Red Ochre
English Red
Red Earth
Venetian Red
Caput Mortum Violet
Mars Brown
Red Umber
Brown Ochre Deep
Warm Sepia Extra
Deep Ochre
Burnt Umber
Raw Umber
Sepia Extra
Van Dyke Brown Extra
Davys Grey
Warm Grey Light
Scheveningen Warm Grey
Cold Grey
Ivory Black Extra
Vine Black
Scheveningen Intense Black
Mars Black
Medium Pink