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Watercolour is a watersoluble medium that comes in tubes, pans and half pans. It is also available in pencil format.
Watercolour is a versatile medium perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Watercolour brands include M Graham, Golden QOR, Old Holland and Lukas - they supply paints as well as mediums and accessories.

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  1. M Graham Watercolour

    M Graham Watercolour

    From £9.30
  2. Old Holland Watercolour

    Old Holland Watercolour

    From £5.78
  3. QOR Watercolour 11ml - Golden

    QOR Watercolour 11ml - Golden

    From £9.95
  4. DVP Watercolour

    DVP Watercolour

    From £9.95
  5. Lukas Watercolour

    Lukas Watercolour

    From £3.80
  6. Art Spectrum Watercolour

    Art Spectrum Watercolour

    From £4.20
  7. Lukas Studio Watercolour

    Lukas Studio Watercolour

    From £4.00
  8. Click & Go Water pot - Faber Castell

    Click & Go Water pot - Faber Castell

    From £3.25
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Items 1-30 of 34