Watercolour Paint

Watercolour Paint

As its name suggests, watercolour is a watersoluble painting medium containing pigment and gum arabic binder.
It allows artists to create beautiful transparent washes, layered over one another, building up the painting from light to dark.
Watercolour paint is available in half-pans, full pans and in tubes.

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  1. M Graham Watercolour

    M Graham Watercolour

    From £9.95
  2. Old Holland Watercolour

    Old Holland Watercolour

    From £6.35
  3. QOR Watercolour 11ml - Golden

    QOR Watercolour 11ml - Golden

    From £10.10
  4. DVP Watercolour

    DVP Watercolour

    From £11.95
  5. Lukas Watercolour

    Lukas Watercolour

    From £4.15
  6. Art Spectrum Watercolour

    Art Spectrum Watercolour

    From £3.36
  7. Lukas Studio Watercolour

    Lukas Studio Watercolour

    From £4.00
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8 Items