Gamsol - Gamblin

Excellent solvent for thinning Gamblin mediums and for general painting, including studio and brush cleanup. Flashpoint 62 degrees C

Gamsol is 100% pure odourless mineral spirits (OMS). Some painters think OMS is more toxic because you cannot smell it. This is not true. Odourless mineral spirits is less toxic because harmful aromatic solvent has been removed. By using odourless mineral spirits (OMS), you can cut down on your exposure to solvent vapours. During a three hour painting session, about 20% of OMS evaporates in the air around you. Compare that with the evaporation rate of turpentine, which is so fast that during a three hour painting session, approximately 90% of the turpentine evaporates.

Gamsol is just strong enough to maximize artistic possibilities without compromising the well-being of artists, the permanence of their works or the environment.

Gamsol beautifully thins colors and mediums. It also cleans much faster and more completely than drying oils like walnut oil or linseed. With Gamsol, artists spend less time cleaning, get cleaner mixtures, and can re-use their brush cleaner instead of having to dispose of it.

Gamsol evaporates evenly and completely. Turpentine and some non-solvent alternatives can leave behind sticky residues that darken colors or limit drying. For printmakers, these residues can interfere with the clean inking and printing of their works.

Gamsol works with the flow of artists' painting sessions and enables painters and printmakers to create without compromise. No forced changes to process, materials or techniques. No compromise of artistic possibilities.
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