Modern British Wood Engraving DVD

Since the revival of the Society of Wood Engravers in the early 1980s, British wood engravers have led the world with their breadth of technical skill and design composition. For the first time, British wood engravers are captured in depth on film, exploring the medium throughout the entire process of producing of producing a print: developing the design, preparing the block, engraving techniques and different printing pratices, including colour.

The film looks at the wide application of wood engravings today including independent prints for exhibition, book illustration, fine art press and advertising. Other contributors to the film include the author Philip Pullam, Bankside Gallery and the Ashmolean Museum.

Main film: 45 minutes, plus 10 x 10 minute conversations with ten featured artists: Neil Bousfield, Simon Brett, Harry Brockway, Christ Daunt, Anne Desmet, Edwina Ellis, John Lawrence, Peter Lawrence, Miriam Macgregor and Hilary Paynter.
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Modern British Wood Engraving DVD