Soft Pastel Micro Set of 5 - Rembrandt

Save 14% on Rembrandt Micro Sets of 5 Soft Pastels

Micro sets of 5 soft half pastels - perfect for starting out or to supplement your collection as these themed sets offer unique and distinct colour palettes. Click on the individual set for a list of colours.

Artist quality soft pastels made with the purest pigments, minimal amount of binders and the softest kaolin clay (also referred to as China clay or pipe clay). They have intense and pure colours, high covering power and a velvety look. Rembrandt pastels are firmer than other soft pastels which gives the artist a greater degree of control and the ability to produce thinner marks. Fully blendable once applied.

- Good to highest level of lighfastness
- Free of the metallic pigments cadmium, lead and cobalt
- The complete range consists of 218 colours.

Rembrandt pastels have for many years been the most commonly used pastels in the world. Loved by artists and student alike.
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